Introducing the popular area of ​​Akihabara with a diagram that you can see at a glance. 【I also introduce restaurants I love】

The author, who has lived in Japan for 30 years, will explain about Akihabara, which you will probably visit when sightseeing in Tokyo.

I will introduce it roughly with the following Google Maps.

The main area is the area on the upper left of the station. The roadway will be closed on Sundays and you will be able to walk freely, so going on Sundays is the most enjoyable.
For sightseeing, it is recommended to enjoy this upper left area and the back roads in the vicinity (recommended areas are indicated by markers).

There is an adult shop in the lower left.
The right side is the place where businessmen work and the event space, but the Yodobashi Camera on the lower right has a little fun area where you can enjoy Dragon Quest Cafe and so on.

Well, basically, only the upper left area is fine.
In the upper left area, there are various small shops, so let’s go to the shops you are interested in. However, some shops sell adult products, so be careful about which shops you enter.

Here are the recommended restaurants.

① Junky shops (especially ① area)

There are many restaurants in area ①. The Akihabara area is prosperous with shops that have a strong taste and make everyone feel delicious. It is also recommended to enter the shop you are interested in.

② Marugo (pork cutlet)

It is the most famous restaurant in this Akihabara area, but it is very crowded. I think I’ll wait for about an hour. It’s okay if it’s free, but I don’t think I’m free when I come as a trip, so I think other shops are fine. The tasty pork is impressive.

This shop is open from 11: 30-14: 00 and 17: 00-20: 00. However, please note that if there are too many customers, they will not be lined up around 13:00 in the daytime. You can’t eat it unless you go early.

③ Menya Haruka (Soupless noodles)

It’s a little crowded, but I recommend it. Located on the main street, the spicy soupless noodles are appetizing.

If there is something you care about, I will update it from time to time!

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