May I introduce Japonavi on my site?
It’s okay if you don’t abuse it!
I want you to create a site like this. I want you to write a theme like this.
Such opinions are very important to make the blog better. Please write here if there is anything.
I want to launch a site. Please tell me the blog system you are using as a reference.
I use WordPress sango (https://saruwakakun.design/) by arranging it myself. The advantage is that the interface is good. Since the panel screen is only in Japanese, it is a little difficult to use. There is a charge (11000yen).
It does not display well in IE (Internet Explorer).
IE support will end in June 2022. Therefore, we are not considering any support. In addition, this blog uses CSS that does not support IE.
I want to get in touch with site requests, etc.!
I have created a forum, so please write it here.
Can I create a site without coding skills such as HTML and CSS?
You can make it. With AWS’s free tier and free WordPress themes, you can get started for free. How about collecting information on youtube?
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