For those who want to travel cheaply in Japan, we will introduce hotel,meals,and transportation options!

You want to travel cheaply, right?

Read this article to find out how to travel cheaply to Japan ^^
The author, who has lived in Japan for 30 years and loves to travel, will introduce the options.
I will explain where to stay, food, and transportation.

1 Accommodation

We will introduce the cheapest way to stay in the recommended order.

① Capsule hotel (about 1500-4500 yen)

capsule hotel

I think it’s good to experience it once. It’s small, but you can stretch your body, so you can sleep well.

② Manga cafe (about 1500-2500 yen)


This is the recommended accommodation method. All-you-can-read manga and all-you-can-drink. With shower. There is also a personal computer. There are many places where you can charge.


The disadvantage is that it is difficult to sleep because the room is small. If you go, let’s stay only for one night.

③ Guest house (about 2000-4000 yen)


There are many people in one room. Watch out for valuables. I think it’s a good place to meet other people.

④ Business hotel (starting from 4000 yen)

business hotel

It is a cheap hotel. You can sleep well, so if you have money, a business hotel is a good choice.

⑤ Night bus (0 yen?)

Night bus

There is a bus that takes you from Tokyo to Osaka from about 10 pm to the morning. It’s free if you sleep in the bus ^^

So far, we have introduced 5 types of accommodation methods.

If you want to know about Japanese culture, I recommend internet cafes and capsule hotels. If you want to communicate with other travelers, the guest house is a good choice.

2 meals

① Convenience store (starting from 200 yen)


This is the most recommended. Because there are products that are ubiquitous, reasonably cheap, hygienic and undoubtedly.

② Supermarket (starting from 200 yen)


Often cheaper than convenience stores. We also sell cooked food. Please note that there are places where only cash can be used. If you want to enjoy the local atmosphere, you may go.

3 Transportation


Among the means of transportation such as taxis, cars, and trains, trains are often cheap. Among them, the trains that stop at each station are overwhelmingly cheap.
Airplanes are cheap for long-distance travel of 200km or more.

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