Here are some of the recommended restaurant chains that we recommend, which are located all over Japan! [Selected 6]

Hello, this is Funun!
In this issue, we will introduce six of our most recommended restaurants located all over Japan! They are all inexpensive and delicious!

You can usually find them in Tokyo, Fukuoka, and other crowded areas!



You can eat a dish of beef or pork meat and rice at a reasonable price.



Recommended for those who want to eat inexpensively. Recommended for those who want a quick meal, as there is often only a counter.



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This is a place where you can eat sushi at a reasonable price. Reception, menu selection, and payment are all done by machine. Why don’t you go there thinking it is an interesting experience? There are tables so you can relax.



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You can eat Japanese set menus at a low price. Recommended if you want to eat vegetables as well. The restaurant is characterized by its relaxed atmosphere. I think that nutrition tends to be unbalanced while traveling, so please try it.
It is more expensive than Matsuya or other restaurants, but I recommend it to those who want to have a well-balanced meal including vegetables and fish.



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This restaurant serves inexpensive Mediterranean cuisine. The main dishes are salads, doria, escargot, pizza, and meat. The food is excellent for the price, so you should try this restaurant at least once.



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This ramen is made based on pork broth. The deep flavor of the broth and noodles go well together. The portion is small, so add more toppings or refill the noodles.

Mos Burger



Why bother coming all the way to Japan to go to a burger store? No, no, don’t say that, just try it. They are fresh and delicious with fresh tomatoes, sauces and salads!


How was it? All of them are highly recommended, so please go there ^^.

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