I introduce Zushi and Hayama, a sightseeing spot only available from July to September, which is also home to the Imperial Villa! Why not relax on one of Japan’s beaches?

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Hello, this is Funun! Today, I would like to introduce you to a famous beach in Japan. Japan has a climate with a wide range of temperatures, and the weather is mild only during a short period from July to September. During this period, people enjoy the resort atmosphere. There are a variety of beaches, but this area is also home to the Imperial Palace and is characterized by its calm atmosphere. The water is also relatively clean compared to nearby beaches. In addition, the number of beach houses and other amenities is quite large, and other tourist attractions are close by, making this area a good choice for those who want to play casually! In this article, you will learn about recommended beach locations and related tourist attractions! There is also a recommended sightseeing route, which is useful if you are wondering how to go sightseeing!


The main tourist areas are in this area.


Yellow is the tourist area and red is the recommended beach. The water gets cleaner the further south you go, but given the ease of walking to the beach, Zushi Beach is recommended if this is your first visit. It is visited by about 300,000 people a year, and the beach is equipped with stores, dumping sites, and goods for rent.


There will be about 40 stores, including restaurants. Wheelchairs for sandy beaches and life jackets for children are available for rent. Lifesavers are on duty to help any drowning victims. If you want to take your time swimming in the sea, Isshiki Beach is also available, which is less crowded. This beach has been selected as one of the 100 best beaches in the world, but you have to take a bus to get there. This time, we will create a route on Zushi Beach, which is easy and has many stores.


Recommended Sightseeing Routes

If playing in the ocean is your main activity, you can start at Zushi Hayama Station and enjoy swimming throughout the morning, and then spend the afternoon wandering around the tourist district of Kamakura.

Once you arrive at JR Zushi Station or Keihin Kyuko Line Zushi Hayama Station, which takes about one hour from Shibuya, walk to Zushi Beach, which is about a 10-minute walk. You can change into your bathing suit in a building along the beach.


After you have enjoyed yourself as much as you can, take the train from JR Zushi Station to Kamakura Station. The beaches in Japan are only crowded around August, which is why there are few stores near Zushi Hayama. The photo below is from Kamakura Komachi-dori (not a very good one, sorry)


Once you move on, we recommend that you relax at a store. We recommend the tourist district called Kamakura Komachi. You will be able to do what you want to do because there are numerous restaurants and general stores. All of the stores are not bad, so go into a store as you feel like it.


If you can afford it, you may go to Kotokuin Temple or Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine. (You are probably tired, so don’t push yourself…)


Kamakura flourished during the medieval period, mainly among samurai, and there are many places that retain the atmosphere of old Japan, so it is a good idea to stay at an inn that you like in Kamakura. How about it? There are many sightseeing spots in this area, so I will introduce them again!

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