Introducing Mt. Takao. If you get tired of the city while sightseeing in Tokyo, please select this.

Hi, this is funuu! Are you worried about your options for sightseeing in Tokyo? If you are going sightseeing in Tokyo for a few days, why not go to Mt. Takao where you can experience various things!

I have lived in Tokyo for 30 years and I will tell you about its charm!
By the way, when I went to take a picture for this article, it happened to be snowing, so it’s a picture of a snowy mountain, but don’t worry ^^

1 What is Mt. Takao?

Mt. Takao is famous as the easiest mountain to climb from Tokyo, and has been awarded 3 stars by the Michelin Guide!

2 Time required

One hour from Shibuya one way. It takes half a day for sightseeing.

3 Departure

Even the elderly can easily climb the summit by using the lift and cable car. The lift was suspended on that day, so I paid about 400 yen to get on the cable car.

If you walk on such a road,

There is Yakuoin.

There are shops selling food here. You can eat dumplings and soba noodles.

If you follow the road ahead, you will see a fork in the middle of the road. They are called “Men’s Slope” and “Women’s Slope”. Both are connected to the same place, but the left is a staircase and the right is a long slope.

And to the top of the mountain. If the weather is nice, you can see Mt. Fuji.

4 About the trial route

There are routes from No. 1 to 6, and it is personally recommended to climb the mountain with No. 1 and go down the mountain with No. 6 Inariyama route ^^

5 Others

Only the No. 1 route can be climbed even in bad weather.You can enjoy sightseeing in the early hours of the morning when you can hear the voices of birds.

If you get tired of the scenery of central Tokyo, it is highly recommended to come here for sightseeing! ^^

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