I introduced a public bath where you can feel Japanese culture!

Want to experience the same life as Japanese people? Want to take a shower?

Good news. It’s a public bath. In this article, you will learn about public baths, as well as recommend places and how to enter. By entering the public bath, you can experience a part of the daily life of Japanese people! We will also explain the differences from hot springs.

I have lived in Japan for 30 years and go out to the city every day and am familiar with Japanese culture. I would like to introduce all the charms and precautions!

1 About public bath

It’s a facility that you often see in Japan, within a 1km radius of where people live, and it’s a place where you can strongly feel Japanese culture!

The difference between a hot spring and a public bath is that a public bath that meets the following conditions is called a hot spring, and the others can be thought of as a public bath. In most cases, public baths are cheaper.

  • The temperature when collected from a hot spring source is 25 degrees Celsius or higher
  • When the substance specified by the Hot Spring Law is contained in 1 kg or more in the standard amount or more

In addition, you cannot shoot beyond the locker room.

2 How to choose a public bath and recommended public bath

If you look it up on a sento such as googlemap and it’s close and has a high rating to some extent, it’s not bad. Please note that there are occasional places where tattoos are NG. I picked up a bathhouse where tattoos are OK near Tokyo, so please refer to the following.

① Cheap public bath

Togoshi Ginza Onsen

Bunka Yokusen



Fuku no Yu



② Rich public bath

Manyo no Yu


I don’t know if it’s a tattoo, but I recommend this PDF because it’s introduced for foreigners!


3 What to bring

It would be nice to have a towel, body soap and shampoo. It is also sold cheaply in public baths.

4 How to enter the public bath

First of all, please experience the image in the video below!

① Enter the store

Give cash at the entrance or buy at the ticket machine. The market price of small public baths is 400 to 800 yen, and if it is more than that, there are many cases of public baths with added value.
If you don’t have a towel, buy or rent it here.

② Select

Head to the men’s or women’s baths. In addition, blue is a man, and red and pink are women.

③ Locker room

Leave your luggage in the locker room. In most cases, there is a hole for 100 yen currency, so once you have put in all the money, close it, twist the key sideways, and take out the key.
It’s a little embarrassing to be naked in the presence of others at your travel destination, but let’s take a step forward with a strong feeling of experiencing culture.

④ Things to bring to the bathroom

All you need to bring to the bathroom is shampoo and body soap. These may have been placed from the beginning, but it is good to bring them with you.

⑤ When you enter the bathroom

First of all, you need to wash your body using the uniquely shaped chair and bucket at the entrance of the bathroom. You should look around to see how to use it.

⑥ Finally experience the public bath

After washing, take a bath. There are various bathrooms depending on the sento you went to, so you should try it.

⑦ After bathing

There is usually a hair dryer in the locker room, so you should use it! Sometimes there is a charge, so in that case you can use it by inserting a 10-yen coin.

⑧ Other

Japanese people have a habit of drinking milk all at once after taking a bath. If you want to be Japanese, please try it.

How to enter Q & A

I’ve written a lot so far, but there are many cases where there is no guidance in a foreign language, so it’s a little more difficult than the places I’ve introduced so far! orz
If you have an area where you would like to know the recommended public bath, please write in the comments! !! I might write!

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