Introducing the ekiben, which gives you the feeling of collecting trophies.


Hello, this is Funun! Introducing the bento boxes sold at stations in each region! It is commonly known as “ekiben”. Ekiben contains meals that are representative of the area.

It’s a bento that is like proof that you’ve visited the area, and you can feel like you’ve got a medal.

In 2021, it is said that there are about 2000 types in Japan.


(1) It looks good using colorful ingredients.

The ingredients are selected and arranged so that the colors look good in the photograph. It’s like a work of art.

(2) It is devised so that it can be eaten on the train.

The seasoning is adjusted so that it can be eaten deliciously at room temperature. In addition, chopsticks are attached to the lunch box so that you can eat it at any time. It’s generally delicious.
Depending on the item, the number is limited, such as limited to 20 meals.

Recommended ekiben

① Kamameshi

Using 15 kinds of ingredients, it looks like a jewel box. The emperor is also eating. Please see the website for the ingredients.

② Meissen cutlet sandwich

I personally buy the most. Rather than looking, it tastes good and is very cheap! The fried pork and sandwich are sprinkled with a sweet sauce.


In many cases, you can only buy things in that area, so when you go to the next station, you may not be able to sell them anymore. In addition, the number of items sold is small, and some items are highly rare.
I want you to become an ekiben master! !!

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