Introducing “Yugawara,” a hot spring resort said to have been frequently used by great writers to get ideas. You will be healed just by walking around.


  • I want to relax in a place far away from my daily work.
  • I’m looking for a good place to get ideas.
  • I want to turn away from my normal reality.
  • I want to go to a place with lots of nature.
  • Came for sightseeing near Tokyo.



Hello, this is Funun! I would like to introduce Yugawara, located about an hour and a half from Tokyo. The attraction of this tourist attraction is to experience the inn and the abundant nature. It is a good place to use when you just want to relax and not think about anything. it is a place mentioned in a literary work called Manyoshu, which was written around the 8th century, and is famous as a place that the great writers of old Japan often used to come up with ideas. I myself have been there when coming up with ideas for this blog. It’s kind of nice, isn’t it ^^?


It is also an area where hot springs spring water is available, and very good quality hot springs can be enjoyed. However, most inns limit the hot springs to guests only.
In this issue, we will introduce a recommended sightseeing route and recommended accommodations. There are not many places to sightsee, so it may be better to spend a day sightseeing in Atami, which is nearby, and a day in Yugawara.


Yugawara Station → Okuyugawara → (walk) → Fudo Falls → Manyo Park → Go to the inn or Yugawara Station


First, head to Yugawara Station. It is quite a distance from the center of Tokyo, so you should head there early. Around here, stores close around 5:00 p.m. or earlier.


When you arrive at the station, take the bus to Okuyugawara. We have included the walking route as a reference, but it is not necessary to follow this route.


Since this is a slightly harder route, it may be better to head directly from Okuyugawara Station to Fudo Falls.


At Fudo Falls, visitors can soak in the footbath and eat tokoroten and other delicacies.
This route is best relaxed if you walk in a daze and don’t think about anything, so just walk along and watch the scenery change.


Manyo Park is for decoration. If you are interested in the park, it is fine to just look at it. There are many inns near Manyo Park, so you should consider lodging in this area. Since this is a very historic area, the inns are all excellent. I have included an example as a photo. (Izuya Ryokan and Fujiya Ryokan) After visiting Manyo Park, you can take a bus back to Yugawara Station.


I can confidently recommend this route. It is a most refreshing experience, so please go for it!

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