If you want to travel comfortably in Japan, you should buy JR PASS【SUICA, ICOCA, PITAPA, etc. 】 How to buy and refund with imiges to understand easily.

The prices of trains and buses vary from region to region, and it is very troublesome and difficult for foreigners to buy tickets. Moreover, time is taken though it is a special travel when buying it every time.
Even if you are staying in Japan for a short stay of about two days per night, we recommend that you buy a transportation IC card such as SUICA or ICOCA. It doesn’t take long to buy this card!
In addition, if you are buying in the Tokyo area, the most recommended is “WELCOME SUICA”, an IC card for foreigners visiting Japan that can be purchased by credit card.
It will be on sale in September 2019, and you can buy it with a credit card, and you don’t need any troublesome procedures such as deposits or refunds.
Please check the following page if you are interested.


How to buy

You can buy it at the ticket machine at each station. The name of the card varies by region, but because how to buy it is common, please refer to this by looking at this. This time, i will explain it at suica ticket vending machine in the Tokyo area.

This is the most common ticket machine. From the right, you will be in the order of the ticket vending machine which can purchase the ticket machine and the ic card which can do only the cash charge machine of the IC card, and the purchase of the ticket card. The other two are ticket vending machines for shinkansen and express trains. You can also use a credit card. Just remember that you can’t buy them at all ticket machines. The next step is the actual purchase screen.

This is the initial screen at the bottom right. Press the button on the top right to change the language. I have chosen English this time. (If it is not this screen, click the charge tab with the picture of the IC card from the tab on the left and it becomes this screen.) )

Suica of the name ceremony takes a long time to create, it seems that the person who came by sightseeing is good by the bearer name.

Select the amount you want. If it is not welcome suica, you can charge later by using cash in the ticket machine, so the amount is a little small.

It is taken 500 yen as a previous fee. This will be back at the time of the refund described later.

If you put cash in, suica with the amount charged will come out. That’s it.


Refunds can be made at the counter of each station.


Speaking of which, the station staff will return the amount minus the fee 220 yen. However, refunds are not possible outside the area where the IC card is used. Please be careful. In addition, the area of the IC card is like this roughly summarized. Please be helpful.


(Original site:https://card.kinri.jp/pay/hikaku/ic-card-hikaku.html)

For charges, all you have to do is put this IC card in the ticket machine and select the amount.



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