New tourist spot. Introducing “convenience stores”, you can enjoy safety,nearby,and easily.

Hello everyone! When you go sightseeing in Japan, you have some time left in between, right?

It is a recommended tourist destination “convenience store” in such a case. The convenience stores in Japan are deep, and you can enjoy Japanese culture “safely,” “nearly,” and “easily.”

Personally, I can enjoy 30 minutes at the store, 30 minutes after buying and taking it home!

Introducing the charm of such convenience stores.

Benefits of sightseeing at convenience stores

Easy to reach because it is everywhere and open 24 hours a day

Unless it’s deep in the mountains, there are usually convenience stores within a 10-minute walk.

According to the statistics for June 2021, there are 55890 cases.

And since most convenience stores are open 24 hours a day, it’s easy to go sightseeing during the time between sightseeing trips!

The colors of the store include yellow, green, and blue. It is brown in some areas such as Kyoto.

Goods are cheap and can be enjoyed cheaply

Dagashi starts from 10 yen. Hot snacks cost around 150 yen, and other products are also very cheap. (Compare the yen rate with your country’s currency)

No matter how many you buy, it’s much cheaper than other tourist destinations. It is also recommended for travelers who want to save money.

We are particular about each product that is placed, and you can enjoy it just by looking at it.

As you can see in this photo, there are many products, but each one is packed with attention to packaging and raw materials. If you look for something that you don’t have in your own country and buy it, it will be a new experience, and you can enjoy it just by looking at it without buying it.

There is also a toilet and a trash can, which can be used as a resting space.

About 80% of convenience stores have toilets that can be used free of charge. You can use it by saying “toile-tukaimasu” to the clerk. (In some cases, you can use it without saying it.) There is a toilet mark at the back of the store, so use that as a guide.

There is also a break space and a trash can, but most of the time it is provided for the person who purchased the item. You can use it just by buying one for 100 yen, so it’s a good idea to buy something you want to use.

Introduction of sightseeing spots of convenience stores

Food area (sandwiches, bento boxes, ice cream, drinks, frozen food)

Many hoods are lined up one by one. Rest assured that you will never get food poisoning ^^

Since there is no foreign language notation on the label, it will be fun to look at, but you can enjoy it with just your eyes. There is a wide variety of drinks, and I think it’s a good idea to enjoy various types of drinks during your trip.

Most teas do not contain sugar.

Hot snack area

This is the hot stand next to the cash register. I recommend fried chicken. For about 180 yen, you can enjoy it on the spot you bought it.

Other snacks such as oden and meat buns may also be available. Basically, you can buy it by pointing your finger and telling your intention to buy it. (Convenience store clerk often cannot speak foreign languages)

Oden is sold only in winter. If you see it, let’s buy it. We recommend radish and eggs. Even if you buy both, it’s about 200 yen, so you can enjoy it easily!

Sweets area

It is often in the middle of the store. Trendy sweets are lined up. Most of them cost around 10 to 200 yen, so you can enjoy them at a low price. It doesn’t come off and everything is delicious, so I recommend you to try anything. Personally, I like Toppo (# ^. ^ #)

Magazine area

It is a magazine corner right at the entrance of the store. Magazines that are popular in Japan are lined up. If you want to know about the entertainment of the masses, please click here. Recently, there are cases where you cannot read the contents because a sticker is stuck on the book. In that case, please buy and read.

Daily necessities area

We sell almost everything you need for your daily life, such as smartphone charging kits, underwear, and sanitary napkins. I think you should buy it here when you need it.

Break space, toilet, trash can

As I wrote above. Recycle bins are often located near the entrance to the store or outside the store.

For payment at convenience stores, we recommend SUICA, which was introduced earlier.

I think it’s best to actually go to a convenience store and have them enjoy it as they wish. Don’t look down on it as an ordinary supermarket. It’s amazing!

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