Shopping, ocean, amusement park! Here are some recommended sightseeing routes in Minato Mirai, Yokohama!

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Hello, this is Funun! Today, I would like to introduce a tourist spot that is only 30 minutes away from Shibuya! It is a famous spot for Japanese people and packed with fun things to do such as shopping, amusement park, barbecue by the sea, etc. Why don’t you go there if you have extra energy when you come to the center of Tokyo?
I will introduce the route I personally enjoy the most, with photos, so you can use it as a reference for your sightseeing!

Minato Mirai Sightseeing Spot Area

Recommended range (yellow)

Route landmarks and time required

Yokohama Station → Yokohama Bay Quarter → Rinko Park → Hammerhead → Yokohama Cosmo World → Landmark Tower
Duration: more than 3 hours

(If you start at Minato Mirai Station, please go to Rinko Park from Minato Mirai Station. The trip will take about 2 hours)

The first starting point is the North Exit of Yokohama Station! From here, walk towards Yokohama Bay Quarter.

The road in the photo is in that direction. There are also road signs, so please make use of them and head in that direction.

Yokohama Bay Quarter is the first shopping spot, but it is less than 10% of the shopping area we are heading to, so let’s take a quick look and move on.

It is a little far to Rinko Park. The path is easy to follow until you reach the halfway point. For now, follow the Nissan Museum and Anpanman as landmarks.

Once you find Anpanman, proceed to Rinko Park based on the map.
You may be apprehensive because there is nothing between Anpanman and Rinko Park, but there are fun things waiting for you beyond! It is about a 10 minute walk between here and there.

Rinko Park is a great place to relax, although there are no stores or anything like that. You may take a break here or there.

Continuing along the coast, you will arrive at a place we call Hammerhead. Here you will find many places to take a break, from matcha green tea and shaved ice to ramen and sake, while the 7-Eleven on the first floor offers a selection of craft beers, sake, and cigarettes from around the world.


Yokohama Hammerhead

The rest of the day will be spent touring the center of Minato Mirai: Yokohama World Porters, Yokohama Cosmo World, and Landmark Tower.


From here, there are only interesting places to go anywhere, so please walk wherever your interests lead you!


At the end, you should return from Minato Mirai Station. The station is located in the basement of the building, so please follow the directions.

There are an unusual number of stores in this area, so please go and look around!


How was it? If you are interested, go for it!


Most stores open at 10:00, so if you go too early, you won’t be able to do it. Cafes and other places are open, though!

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