The author, who lives in Shibuya, introduces the best routes to enjoy Shibuya, the royal road to travel in Japan!

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Hello, this is Funun! When it comes to travel in Japan, Kyoto, Osaka, and Okinawa are some of the most popular destinations, but I would like to introduce you to a spot that is second to none: Shibuya area, one of the most popular areas in Tokyo! Shibuya is known as Japan’s fashion hub. There are endless places to play and have fun! I live in the Shibuya area myself, so I hope I can give you some accurate advice!


Tourist Area

The tourist area is changing due to the redevelopment project. The yellow area is the recommended range. Particularly recommended is the area around the scramble crossing. The red circle at the top of the map is Harajuku. See the Harajuku article for details.


Recommended Route

Shibuya Station → Scramble crossing (TSUTAYA) → Nintendo store → Game center → Shibuya 109

As a resident of the Shibuya area myself, I have chosen a course that will take you to the areas that I think you will enjoy the most. It is a town with a variety of entertainment options, so I recommend that you enjoy yourself by casually entering the stores that interest you!
When you first arrive, head for the scramble crossing. Unless it is a stormy day, you will probably see many people. This is the place where many people gather around New Year’s Eve and Halloween.


After that, we will head to the Nintendo Shop, visiting various stores. There are many interesting stores, so please stop by and visit them!


I also recommend TSUTAYA. There are books, manga, games, and various other items for sale, and I think it is fun just to go down from the upper floors!


We made the Nintendo shop our destination, but we also recommend MUJI and other stores. If you come to Shibuya, please go to a game center in Center Street and play some games. I think anything is fine, but I personally recommend jubeat, where you press the buttons in time with the music, as it is intuitive and easy to understand.


The last stop is Shibuya 109. Japanese clothing culture generally starts here. If you are interested, please go there.


It is directly connected to the station underground. How was it? We have tried to create a route that we think you will enjoy the most, so please try it!

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