Tokyo station is not a transfer station! Introducing attractive tourist destinations such as the Imperial Palace.

Hello, this is Funun! Today, I would like to introduce Tokyo Station, the capital of Japan. There are also Western-style buildings built in the olden days. If you want to take pictures, this is a recommended tourist spot.


It is the departure and arrival station for the Shinkansen, and is overwhelmingly easy to access.

It is also the area where the Japanese emperor lives. Not many people live in it, but it is prospering as a business district.

The charm of Tokyo Station

There was a pigeon in the middle of the Imperial Palace.

One of the few areas where old Western architecture remains. You can also go sightseeing near the Imperial Palace.

This is a recommended area if you want to travel chicly.Another feature is that the basement around the station is very prosperous.

Recommended tourist destinations

Use photos to show the locations of tourist destinations in Tokyo. please refer.

① Imperial Palace
② Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum
③ Tokyo Station
④ Maruzen Tokyo
⑤ Restaurant (1st basement floor)

① Imperial Palace

Part of the Imperial Palace is always open. Free. It is also a rare place where you can see the castle and the building area at the same time. If you are interested in Edo culture, please go and see it.

Building street seen from the entrance of the Imperial Palace

② Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum

A building built in 1894. The cafe is very nice, but it’s quite crowded so it’s better to go early, like 11 o’clock.

It’s a little expensive, but the atmosphere is good.

③ Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station is registered as an important cultural property, and many people come to take pictures of it. On rainy days, you can take fantastic pictures of Tokyo Station reflected in a puddle.

When you come to the station by Shinkansen, please take a look!

④ Maruzen Tokyo

It is a very large bookstore in Tokyo. I personally like it so much that I often go there. The atmosphere is nice. Feel the Japanese reading culture!

⑤ Restaurant area

In this way, Tokyo Station is more prosperous underground than above ground. There are also many restaurants.

There are a lot of shops in the basement! !! Good Japanese shops are gathered inside and outside the station. There are ekiben, sushi restaurants, etc.

Ramen Street that I love. The most famous ramen shops in Tokyo are gathered here.

Among the restaurants, we recommend “Haneda Market”. It’s a little expensive, but you can eat wonderful fish sent directly from Haneda Airport.

It is located in the basement “GRANSTA”.
This tuna set 850 yen

These are the sightseeing spots around Tokyo Station! Please go ^^

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