We introduce “100-yen”, where anything can be purchased for 100 yen! [They are all over Japan].

Hello, this is Funun! There are still many different kinds of attractions in Japan. Today, I would like to introduce you to a store called “100-yen,” which is very inexpensive but has a variety of useful items. There are so many kinds of things that you can say there is nothing you can’t find here.
This article will give you an idea of what kind of stores there are in the 100s of stores and what they have to offer. I was going to include reference products, but decided against it because there are so many different types. Please go there and see for yourself!


100s of store names
Daiso, Candu, Celia
Of these, Daiso is the largest. (As of 2023, the official website is only available in Japanese.)


Hundreds of products
The types of products sold are as follows, based on Daiso. They have about 70 million products. I have taken pictures of each genre, so if you are interested in any of them, please zoom in and take a look!
Storage, stationery, miscellaneous goods, kitchen, handicrafts, DIY, electrical accessories, beauty cosmetics, gardening, toys, clothing, tools, tableware, hygiene, cleaning, bath


Kitchenware Area


There are so many types of scissors alone!


The amount of instant food is not half bad either. There is a crazy amount to see, so please try to see it in person! You can find them anywhere in Japan, just search for the store name above!

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